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Loyalty program conditions


1 / Any person wishing to join the loyalty program is deemed to have taken note of these conditions and to have accepted them without reservation. The conditions can be obtained in the store or consulted on the website.

2 / The loyalty card only exists electronically. There is therefore no physical savings card.

2 / An online account is created for every customer who wishes to receive a savings card. The customer can follow his savings total online. Online customers automatically participate in the loyalty program unless they explicitly oppose it.

3 / Elenaswolwinkel determines the number of points on the basis of an automated system. Complete the system around the number of points.

4 / You receive 1 savings point per euro on all your purchases. Each reward point has a value of 0.05 euros. Which corresponds to a 5% discount.

5 / Elenaswolwinkel reserves the right to exclude certain products from the loyalty program. Products in sales and on sale are always excluded. No loyalty points are awarded on gift vouchers.

6 / Every time you have saved 250 loyalty points, you can exchange them for your next purchase. This can be done online or in the store. 250 savings points = 12.50 euro retail value

7 / Loyalty points can not be exchanged for money. Rewarded points are not taken over by another customer.

8 / Loyalty points remain valid for 3 years

9 / Customers who participate in the loyalty program are automatically included in the mailing list of Elenaswolwinkel. They give Elenaswolwinkel permission to send a mailing to the customer at most once a week. The loyalty points expire when the customer unsubscribes from the mailing list or the email address turns out to be no longer valid or not valid.

10 / Expired loyalty points can no longer be redeemed.

11 / Elenaswolwinkel reserves the right to change the conditions of the loyalty program at any time without stating reasons or to terminate the loyalty program.

12 / Questions or comments about the loyalty program can always be sent to Elenaswolwinkel by mail (address stated on the website) or by email to info at elenaswolwinkel.be