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Drops Kid Silk

Drops Kid Silk

A luxurious, light brushed yarn in an exclusive mix of 75% mohair super kid and 25% silk, DROPS Kid-Silk is feather light, and will give garments a sophisticated look, whether used alone or held together with other yarns.

Perfect for smaller garments such as shawls, shoulder warmers and feminine tops, DROPS Kid-Silk is available in a delicate colour palette, that includes solids as well as long prints, in which the shade is created by a series of colours that repeat regularly in random long lengths.

  • Needle size : 3
  • Weight : 25 grams
  • Length : 200 m
  • Fibers : 75% Mohair, 25% Silk
  • Tension 10x10cm = 23 stitches x 30 rows

Drops Kid Silk


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