Counted stitch embroidery kits

Counted stitch

Counted cross stitch kits


Counted cross stitch kits with multiple embroidery techniques : cross stitch, half cross stitch, span stitch, etc .

Our range includes a variety of counting packages from Vervaco, Panna, Luca-S, Riolis, CTO and CDA. Embroidery kits with flowers, landscapes, paintings, birth tiles, etc. to embroider for hours of embroidery pleasure. You will find the most diverse creations in our range of embroidery kits.
Let your creativity run wild.
Embroidery gives free rein to your creativity. In order not to just embroider at random, an embroidery kit is ideal, to embroider structured embroidery towards a certain end result. You know in advance what the end result will be with an embroidery kit.

Contents of an embroidery kit.

Our embroidery kits are supplied complete, with the correct thread, embroidery needle and pattern. This content depends on which embroidery package you have chosen. With each embroidery package it is indicated what the embroidery package contains. Is there a certain product that you don't have, but do need? Then take a look at the embroidery accessories, here you will find embroidery rings and embroidery needles.

Small embroidery projects

Don't have much experience with embroidery or simply don't have that much free time? Then you can consider getting started with small embroidery kits.

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Choose from our wide range of embroidery count kits. Order your embroidery kit today and soon start embroidering flowers, animals, birds or anything else. We wish you a lot of embroidery pleasure.

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