Cotton Merino

Yarn Drops Cotton Merino

DROPS Cotton Merino is a combination of exclusive merino wool and beautiful, long cotton fibers, and it's made from many thin strands spun together, which gives the yarn a roundness and fullness, making it especially suitable for cable, structure and moss patterns. As in all our merino yarns, the merino wool originates from free-range animals in South Africa and South America.

We have chosen not to card the merino wool and the cotton together, which highlights each of the fibers properties in a better way, while at the same time allows to achieve more vibrant colors and textures.

Very pleasant to work with, DROPS Cotton Merino provides comfortable garments with clear and regular stitches. The wool is superwash treated and very gentle on the skin, which makes it suitable for baby and children clothing.

  • Needle size : 4
  • Weight : 50 grams
  • Length : 110 m
  • Fibers : 50% wool - 50% cotton
  • Tension 10x10cm = 21 stitches x 2 rows

Cotton Merino

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